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Welcome to Hotel Pandharinath Lodge, where your journey to the heart of Pandharpur's rich heritage and spiritual essence begins. Located in the heart of Maharashtra's sacred city, our lodge offers a peaceful retreat for travelers seeking comfort and warmth amidst the divine ambiance. Explore the historic temples, including the famous Pandharpur temple, and soak in the cultural vibrancy of Maharashtra's spiritual hub. At Hotel Pandharinath Lodge, every moment is an invitation to experience the soulful charm of Pandharpur. Welcome to a place where tradition meets tranquility, and where your spiritual journey finds its perfect sanctuary.

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Our Story: Hotel Pandharinath Lodge has been a beloved part of the Pandharpur community since 2014, offering warm hospitality and comfortable stays to guests for over a decade.

Perfect Location: Nestled just a short 10-minute stroll from the sacred Pandharpur temple, Hotel Pandharinath Lodge is the ideal choice for pilgrims and travelers seeking convenience and comfort. Our lodge is conveniently surrounded by other attractions such as the Vishnupad Temple, Pundalik Temple, Shree Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, and Sant Kaikadi Maharaj Math.

Comfortable Accommodation: 

With 14 deluxe premium rooms, including both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned options, our lodge ensures a cozy and relaxing stay for every guest.

Convenient Amenities: Enjoy hassle-free parking, complimentary Wi-Fi, and delicious vegetarian meals at our onsite restaurant, serving a variety of Punjabi and Maharashtrian dishes.

Warm Hospitality: Our friendly staff and well-maintained property promise a welcoming environment for all guests, ensuring a memorable experience throughout their stay.


Local Charm: Explore the rich cultural heritage of Pandharpur with ease, as our lodge provides easy access to nearby attractions and traditional Tanga rides to cultural spots like Gopalpur and Vishnupad.

Special Events and Festivities: Join us during the Ekadashi festivals, including the grand AASHADHI and Kartiki wari, as well as Maghi wari and Chitra wari, to experience the vibrant celebrations and religious rituals of Pandharpur.

Guest Satisfaction: Our guests consistently praise Hotel Pandharinath Lodge for its convenience, comfort, and prime location, making it their preferred choice for accommodation during their pilgrimage to Pandharpur.

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